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New to easyJet?

Or a recent cadet?

Whether you are a newly licensed pilot or just new to easyJet, we know that the excitement of starting afresh often comes with a whole new range of stressors too.


It's hard enough maintaining the high standards of our profession, let alone navigating the challenges of a big company and trying to fit your new life around it.  


From relocating, to managing family pressures, settling into new bases and adapting to different rosters and SOPs, to meeting new people, new managers, to surviving sims, and figuring out local bureaucracies, it is not surprising that this can easily overwhelm us at times - and at a point when we are furthest from our support network.  


If this describes you, you are on the right page - and ezyPSP is here for you! Among our peers, we have several who themselves may have either recently qualified or recently joined the company, having flown elsewhere before. They remember all too well what it is like to be new and would be very willing to talk to you. You are certainly not alone. 

Terms & conditions


  • You understand that your request is not an emergency. Click here if it is. 

  • Your confidentiality is our main priority and will be protected to the highest degree.*

  • This is a peer support service staffed by trained, fellow volunteer pilots. While they have skilled access to resources and a range of professionals, their primary role is to support you as a peer.

  • The peer volunteer will not tell you what to do, make decisions for you or intervene on your behalf.

  • Consequently, the volunteer pilots, the PSP programme, The Centre for Aviation Psychology or easyJet cannot be held responsible for decisions and actions you may take following contact with the PSP.

  • Having said that, we are here for you and will do everything we can, within these parameters, to support you.

  • As we are continually learning and striving the improve this service, your feedback is important to us. Consequently, if you make contact with us, when appropriate, we will ask for your consent to request feedback once your case is closed.

* The only exception to this is if you tell us that either you or someone else is in imminent danger, in which case we are obliged to act on the information - and this may include waiving your confidentiality. In this extremely rare event, we will always aim to work with you to keep you and others safe.

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