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We are an independent, confidential service using trained, volunteer pilots to support their flight crew colleagues.

The volunteer pilots are there to listen without judgement.  


We find that many issues can be resolved by talking with someone who is a trained listener and knows what it's like to be a pilot. At the same time, your Peer Support Programme is underpinned by leading experts in the field of aviation psychology and the volunteers have direct access to them where necessary.

Talk to a Peer

Requesting a call places you under no obligation other than to have a confidential chat with a trained peer. If in doubt - they'd much rather you made contact.

Here for you ...


This service does not provide an emergency response.  For any urgent people issues, please contact the Local Pilot Manager via OCC.


Your Peer Support Programme and this website are both in their infancy. Please let us know if anything is not clear or you see ways in which we can improve things for you and your colleagues.

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