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The easyJet Pilot Peer Support Programme is here for you ...

An independent, confidential service using trained, volunteer pilots to support fellow easyJet flightcrew with any issue.


The peer supporters are trained by aviation psychologists to provide a professional service. The service is fully supported by the easyJet Pilot Group, representing all pilot unions.

Talk to a Peer

Requesting a call places you under no obligation other than to have a confidential chat with a trained peer. If in doubt - they'd much rather you made contact.

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Prefer an External Peer?


We understand that in the current times you might prefer to speak to a trained pilot peer who does not work in your airline. Fortunately, this is possible through an exchange agreement between many of the peer support programmes managed by the The Centre for Aviation Psychology. All the peers have been trained and operate to the same standards of confidentiality and professionalism.


If you would like to use this facility, please send us a confidential email and we will be happy to arrange contact with a suitable peer outside of your airline. 

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